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Name changes on certificates

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Name changes on certificates

Can I change the forenames (first or middle name) of my child?

If the registration was less than 12 months ago, you can still amend any forenames for your child on the birth certificate. There is a charge of £40 for this process and an additional charge to purchase any new certificates.

Please complete the request using our attached pack (PDF).

For more information see attached leaflet (PDF)

If the registration was more than twelve months ago, normally the only way you can officially change a name is through deed poll. A deed poll can be made at any time for any of the names.

Apply for a deed poll

Can I change the surname of my child?

There are only two occasions when you may be able to update the surname of your child as recorded on the birth certificate:

  • when completing a re-registration to add the father/parents name on a birth certificate where originally just the mother was recorded
  • when completing a re-registration following marriage between the parents of the child.

Once the change of name has been completed you can order new certificates.

Fees for certificates (PDF).