Queen’s Crescent pilot market offer

If you are interested in trading at Queens Crescent Market and are currently licensed with another London Borough you can trade at Queens Crescent for two weeks without the need to fully comply with our current licensing process. All eligible traders need to provide proof of their existing licensing documents that is a copy of your trading license issued by any London Borough and a public liability insurance certificate.  If you are selling food you need to provide proof that you have the appropriate clearances.

We have a special discounted daily pitch price of £10.20, which is open to all new Queens Crescent Market applicants.

We are currently exploring the opportunity to make Queen's Crescent market a 7-day market.  We invite all traders to take part in the consultation

If interested, please submit your expression of interest for trading on the additional days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Trading on these days will be free of charge until the end of October 2021. 

Please email your request to Market Team by stating the additional days you are interested to trade at Queens Crescent Market. 

Other offers:

We are looking for new traders to join us at Swiss Cottage and Chalton Street Market. We're particularly keen to hear from people who trade in locally sourced fruits and vegetables, vintage, second-hand clothing, or are entrusted in delivering community craft and/or DIY workshops.

If you're interested in joining us, please email us at: marketsteam@camden.gov.uk.or call 020 7974 3864 for more information.

We have a special discounted daily pitch price of £10.20 and £6.12 per additional pitch which is open to all new Queens Crescent and Chalton Street Market applicants.

Please see visit our markets in Camden page to find out more about each market.

What Camden has to offer:

  • our charges are below the London average
  • our markets are in key shopping areas: Camden Town, Holborn, Coven Garden, Bloomsbury, Belsize and Haverstock
  • Camden has a diverse population with a wide range of shopping needs and interests, so you're bound to find a customer base to suit you
  • we are investing in the environment, management and promotion of our markets
  • we are committed to the long term sustainability of markets: we believe they are a vital part of our local economy and communities

Before you apply to trade in Camden we advise you to:

  • find out about our markets. You are welcome to ask a market officer about the opportunities available and plans for each market
  • check the suitability of the market
  • visit the market to see if the commodity you intend to sell is widely available or not
  • talk to an existing market trader and market officer to get a feel for the way we work