Home improvements

If you wish to make alterations to your home, you will need to get written consent. Applications for consent should be sent to the relevant ward housing team for consideration. If you carry out work before obtaining our consent, you may be required to return the property to its original condition.  If this happens you will have to meet the cost.   


Asbestos is not usually a problem if left undisturbed. However, if asbestos is damaged it can pose a risk to health. You should not disturb items that you think contain asbestos. If you decide to remove any asbestos from your home you should contact a licensed asbestos removal contractor. Details of licensed contractors can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Licence requirements

Depending on the alterations you want to make, you may need a licence. This is a legal document that changes your lease. You will need a licence for works that change the internal layout of your flat, such as adding or removing an internal wall and creating an internal doorway.

Applications for a licence for alterations should be sent to leaseholder services for registration.


Our fees in producing a licence for alterations that involve internal alterations only are as follows:

  • Administration including lease plan amendment: £417  
  • Legal fee: variable

Your lease does not allow you to carry out structural alterations. This is because the Council is responsible for maintaining the structure. However, the Council will consider applications to carry out structural alterations.  Structural alterations include, but may not be limited to, loft conversions, rear extensions and conservatories.

Our fees for structural alteration cases are:

Licence for Alterations: Structural alterations

  • Camden’s administration: £747
  • Legal fee: variable

Licence for Alterations: Structural alterations and purchasing additional land (e.g. lofts)

  • Valuation fee: £500
  • Camden’s administration: £778  
  • Legal fee: variable

Applications to carry out structural alterations should be sent to leaseholder services for registration.  Your application must include architectural standard drawings of your proposals. 

All alteration requests will be subject to you obtaining any necessary statutory consents such as Building Control approval or planning permission. It is important to tell the relevant authority that you have a Camden leasehold property.  This will ensure you obtain the correct permission/consent.  You are advised to seek landlords consent before applying for statutory approvals.