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Leaseholder satisfaction survey

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Leaseholder satisfaction survey

What it is

The Regulator of Social Housing has introduced Tenant Satisfaction Measures. They must be reported for low-cost rental accommodation including Camden homes, sheltered housing, intermediate rent and temporary housing.  

There is no requirement to provide data for leasehold properties. However, like other landlords, we will be carrying out a leaseholder satisfaction survey at the same time as the regulatory survey. 

We are liaising directly with the Leaseholders’ Forum regarding the leaseholder’s part of the survey.

Why it’s important  

The results of the survey will: 

  • give visibility of our performance to our leaseholders  
  • give us an idea of where we can improve  

The data from both surveys will be used to inform service improvement for all residents living in council rented or leasehold properties. 

How the survey will be done 

We are working with Service Insights to survey a representative sample of 565 leaseholders. They will be surveyed January to February 2024.

For leaseholders taking part, the survey will be done on the phone and should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  

What happens next

Results from the survey will be analysed and published Spring 2024.