What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is a £2 billion government initiative aiming to create thousands of 6 month, paid work experience placements with employers. Jobs under this scheme will be open to 16-24 year olds in receipt of Universal Credit and who are at risk of long term unemployment.  The government will pay the salaries of young people in placements for 25 hours and at minimum wage. Employers can supplement hours and pay as they see fit. The grant includes £1,500 towards training costs for young people, with the content of training determined by employers.

The Council is keen to work with local organisations to see how good quality Kickstart roles can be created to support young people in these challenging times. 

Who can apply?

Employers creating more than 30 placements can apply directly to the government for the funding. Smaller employers who are able to offer fewer than 30 placements need to enter into a partnership with a representative organisation which will apply for and administer the funding on their behalf. The Council is taking on this representative role, and we have a team of experienced staff who can help you develop and deliver your placements.  

The Council itself has committed to creating 30 placements across our services and we will be increasing pay levels to London Living Wage and offering full time hours to those young people that want them.

We are keen to help you, as employers to take advantage of this scheme to create good quality work experience placements for Camden’s young people. We can not only help by acting as a representative organisation to draw down the funding, but also by supporting you to design the placements and to put in place wrap around support for participants, including employment support and job brokerage at the end of their time with you.