Microsoft Teams is what Camden Council uses to host many online meetings with Camden residents, both for individuals and groups.

What you need to join a Teams meeting

You need any device with a connection to the web: PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet.

How to join a Teams meeting

Select the link ('Join the Teams meeting') that you have been sent at the appropriate time.

You will typically see 3 options:

Download the Teams App

If you have not downloaded Teams before, this free download from Microsoft will give you the most reliable experience of a Teams meeting.  You can also download the Microsoft Teams app in advance from Microsoft if you prefer.

Continue on this browser

This option will allow you join via certain browsers - Chrome or Edge.

Open your Teams app

If you have previously downloaded Teams, simply select this link to proceed.

If you are joining the Teams meeting via your smartphone, you will need to download the Teams App.

Rather than being admitted to the Teams meeting directly, you will be first asked for a name. If you prefer to stay anonymous, then just enter your first name, or an alternative - the name you enter will be visible to other attendees. You will be admitted to a lobby, and one of the meeting organisers will admit you to the meeting from there.

When you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app

If you are using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as the browser on your device, you should be able to join the meeting without having to download the Teams app.

If you are using any other browser, or a smartphone, you will need to download the Teams app.

Typically the experience is better and more reliable for those who have downloaded the Teams app. You don't have to do this though.

If you're not sure which browser you're using, look for the icon.

This is the Chrome icon:

Chrome icon

This is the Edge icon:

Edge icon

Where to download the Microsoft Teams app from

If you do need to download the app, then you can do this in advance,  from Microsoft (desktop or mobile).

Alternatively, on your phone, go to the Google Playstore (Android) or the App store (IOS), searching for 'Microsoft Teams' and select 'install' or Get App'.

If you have not downloaded the Teams app before the meeting, you will also be prompted to do so, and can follow the links provided.  Although this is not likely to take long, you might want to allow a few minutes for this before joining the meeting.

Further information

More details on joining a Teams meeting from Microsoft.

Troubleshooting problems joining a Teams meeting.