Information to support our strategic partners

We have simplified the monitoring process for 2019

We previously asked you not to submit your mid-year monitoring forms because the Community Partnership Team is working on introducing a new monitoring system. We have made substantial progress and we will be ready to roll out the new monitoring system in the New Year.

This however means that you still need to submit monitoring data for all 2019. The monitoring period is January to December 2019.


Please download, complete and return the below monitoring form by  17th February 2020


You need to submit the 2019 monitoring form if you are:

  • In receipt of strategic partnership neighbourhoods or equality funding
  • In receipt of strategic partnership project funding


If you receive both project and neighbourhood or equality funding, you can decide whether to combine your monitoring for both grants in one form or you can submit a form for each grant.   

If you have any issues submitting this information to us please don’t hesitate to contact your Community Partner for support or clarifications.

If you have any questions about the new monitoring system we are launching in 2020 please get in touch with your community partner for info. Otherwise we will be in touch with you very soon.


2019 Monitoring Form