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HS2 parking 

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HS2 parking 


Due to the disruption caused by HS2 works, many residents in the Regents Park ward will be subject to parking suspensions. As HS2 works are expanding and more bays are being suspended, we are extending the concessions available to CA-G permit holders. More in depth information on the HS2 project can be found here.

Please note some of these bays may also be subject to their own parking suspensions.

CA-G permit holders will be allowed to park in paid for bays in the below streets. Permit holders are not required to remove their vehicles every two hours.

  • Park Village East
  • Augustus Street
  • Stanhope Street
  • Drummond Street
  • Starcross Street
  • Euston Street
  • Stephenson Way
  • North Gower Street
  • Longford Street
  • Osnaburgh Street
  • William Road
  • Robert Street
  • Varndell Street
  • Redhill Street
  • Park Village West

As well as the above, the residents bays and shared-use bays in the streets below (in CPZ CA-F) may also be used by CA-G permit holders.

  • Mornington Terrace
  • Clarkson Row
  • Mornington Crescent
  • Mornington Place
  • Mornington Street
  • Albert Street (south of Mornington Street)
  • Arlington Road (south of Mornington Street)
  • Harrington Square
  • Oakley Square
HS2 parking area map


If HS2 complete works on a suspended bay early they will place a ‘return to service’ sticker on the suspension sign. If residents see one of these stickers, this means the works have been completed and the bay has returned to normal parking controls and can be used. The yellow suspension sign will then be removed in due course. Please ensure you read all the information on the return to service sticker.

Please note that parking controls operate in resident bays in CA-F at weekends – the controlled hours are Mondays to Fridays from 8:30am until 6.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am and 5.30pm. If residents do receive a PCN whilst parking in any of the above concessions, please be assured that the PCN will be cancelled.

Let’s work together to ease the disruption

If you have a suggestion on where we could safely create new parking bays in affected areas of the borough (redundant dropped kerbs with single yellow lines for example) please email