If you think you are eligible for any of the currently available grants, you can apply now.

If you have already applied and received a grant, you do not need to make further applications for any ongoing payments.

How to apply

The application form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Before you complete the form, get the following ready:

  • your business rates account number
  • proof of your bank details
  • documents to show the impact of lockdown on your business. Examples are pre and post-Covid bank statements, accounts, last HMRC tax return, evidence of fixed costs.

Uploading evidence

You can take and upload photographs of the documents requested, including screengrabs of digital documents or photos of printed documents. Please make sure they are clear and easy to read to prevent delays.

The form accepts many commonly used file types including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PDF and DOC. You can use your phone camera.

The file size limit is 30 MB for each file.

Apply for a business support grant