Your sponsor will provide you with accommodation for as long as they can. This should be for a minimum of 6 months – during this time you should not be paying rent. Sponsors should make sure you receive advice and help about your accommodation or how to find alternative accommodation.  

If you are concerned that your living situation might be unsuitable or if it is coming to an end and you need advice, please contact us on 020 7974 4444.

If you need to leave your property urgently, contact 020 7974 4444.


Renting private accommodation

If you are considering renting your own accommodation, make sure you know what your rights and responsibilities are a tenant. Read more information about on the government's website.

The government have published a guide to help you understand how to rent in England. This will help you when you are ready and able to move out of sponsorship into independent accommodation. 

This guide explains that you may be entitled to Housing Benefit or Universal Credit which could help with the cost of rent. This guide also includes an online calculator which can be used to see if you can afford to live in the area you want. This guide is now available in Ukrainian and Russian.