Between April 2023 and March 2024, Camden Council has been awarded £4 million from the Department for Work and Pension's (DWP) Household Support Fund (HSF). The funding will be used in two ways:

Supermarket vouchers

Supermarket vouchers will be posted to families living in Camden with children aged up to 18 who are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. Any child attending a Camden school and receiving free school meals will also receive vouchers.

Families will receive:

  • £15 per child in late May, early June 2023
  • £45 per child in July 2023
  • £15 per child in November 2023
  • £30 per child in December 2023
  • £15 per child in February 2024
  • £30 per child in March 2024

Families will receive one voucher per eligible child. The vouchers can be used in a variety of supermarkets. Over 15,800 children will receive support.

Other Household Support Fund payments

The remaining Household Support Fund will be given as:

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