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Home swap

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What is Home Swap or Mutual Exchange?

Mutual exchanges are a fast way of moving into a different council or housing association property. 

All council tenants (provided they are not introductory tenants) and most housing association tenants have a right to exchange properties, provided their landlords give permission. 

To start the process we recommend using the Home Swapper website

In November 2018, for the purpose of mutual exchanges only, we varied the bedroom standard as set out in our housing allocations scheme. In some situations we can allow you to exchange your home to one that is one bedroom larger than you are assessed as needing in the scheme. This will relate only to people who are 65 years and over.

To find out more, contact the Mutual Exchange Team on [email protected]

Considering moving outside of Camden?

Find contact details of other local authorities by visiting  Once you have picked your chosen local authority you can ask them for a housing application form.  You may be able to apply directly to their housing waiting list.

Further advice can be found on the below sites:

  • Home Swapper helps you to swap homes across the UK with another tenant or housing association tenant. Housing Association tenants may face a small fee to register.
  • Housing Moves is run by the Greater London Authority and allows social housing tenants living in London to move to different parts of the city.
  • Homefinder UK enables moves across the UK, please contact your landlord to see if they are a part of the scheme.
  • Seaside and Country Homes scheme is open to over 60 years old social housing tenants, who live in London and would like to consider moving to the coast or countryside.

Apply to swap your home

Fill in the application form once you have found an exchange partner.  Each tenant involved in the exchange must complete their own form. If your swap partner has a different landlord, you will need to complete forms for that landlord as well.

Apply for a mutual exchange

Ensure you have visited the property that you are hoping to exchange.  Contact our advisors if you are a Camden Council tenant and have a query about a mutual exchange by emailing [email protected]  If you are a tenant of another council or housing association, please contact your Landlord. 

Things to consider before agreeing to exchange?

  • check what the new rent will be
  • other costs (such as service charges) and
  • what the tenancy conditions are

What happens after I apply?

We will consider your application. We have 42 days (6 weeks) to make a decision.  We will write to you to let you know the outcome.
It is unlikely that we will contact you between application and decision.
If your exchange is agreed you will need to make an appointment to sign your tenancies over to one another. Once this paperwork has been signed, you can move into your new property on a date agreed between you, your swap partner and us.

What problems could there be?

Landlords can refuse your request to exchange for several reasons specified by law. For example;

  • the exchange can be refused if your exchange partner’s property is not suitable for your household’s needs, or
  • if your landlord is taking steps to evict you.

The size of property that you can move into is based on a consistent ‘bedroom standard’ in line with our housing allocations scheme.  We do not allow you to swap into a home larger than your family needs.

Advice and support on swapping your home

How do I find an exchange partner?

  • Promote your home on HomeSwapper with plenty of photos
  • Describe your home with a list of rooms and local amenities such as supermarkets and transport links. Think about what you would want from a home if you were moving in it.
  • Carry out regular searches on HomeSwapper and respond to messages of interest promptly.
  • Try to find an exchange partner through word of mouth or through community websites.
  • The more flexible you are about area and types of property you want to move into, the more quickly and easily you will be able to find someone to exchange with.
  • Be as flexible as you can about the type of property and the area you want to move into.