The UK has a national health service (NHS) that offers a wide range of health services. You should register with a local doctor straight away. They will arrange for you to get a unique NHS number. Not all doctors' surgeries have availability so you may need to try a few different ones. It is free to register with a doctor – you will usually need to sign up in person to prove your identity, so you may want to bring your passport with you. For more information about how to register and to find your nearest GP, visit the NHS website.

Doctors and nurses at your doctor's surgery can help you with a range of problems to keep your body and mind healthy. They can give examinations, advice, vaccinations and treatment, prescription for medicines, screening for cancer and referrals to other health such as maternity and social services. If you have any medical issues that you were previously receiving treatment for in Ukraine, they will be able to help with these. 

Treatment at a doctor's surgery is free, but you may need to pay for additional services. 

See here for information on how the NHS works in Ukrainian and in Russian

Help with medical costs  

You might be able to get help with the cost of some medical services. You can use this checker to find out, or ask your doctor for help.

Dental health  

You can register with a dentist for free. Dentists do not require proof of identity, proof of address or proof of immigration status to become a patient. Find your nearest dentist by searching on the NHS website.