Why are the works being done?

The heating and hot water system is getting old, and needs to be updated to make sure it works reliably in future.

What works are taking place?

Weedington Estate requires the replacement of the following:

  • Heating and hot water pipes going to each home and inside each home pipework. 
  • The radiators and heating controls inside each home, and some of the equipment in the boiler.

The boilers located in Ashdown Crescent boiler house will remain but the rest of your boiler house plant will be renewed to meet current standards and the requirements of your new energy efficient heating system.

The gas meter will be relocated from the boiler house to outside and the boiler flues will be renewed as part of the works.

Renewal of all plant within the block sub-plant rooms including block level heat meters.

Renewal of all distribution pipework within the blocks to your individual homes.

HIU’s (Heating Interface Unit) will be installed in each property which will include heat meters and individual controls to allow you complete control of your heating and hot water use.

New internal heating distribution, radiators and controls in each of your homes.

Who is carrying out the works?

The contractors conducting your heating and hot water upgrade works are Cenergist.

Cenergist are a firm experienced in replacing heating and hot water systems on estates similar to Weedington.

Who do you need to contact about the works?

Your Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs) from Cenergist are Collette Rice, contact her on 07496 843 530 or Dominique Struffolino, contact her on 07498 421 460  or visit them at the site office located in the TRA hall at 172B Weedington Road.

Your site manager from Cenergist is Michael Scott who can be contacted on 07494 005 478 and is also located at the site office located in the TRA hall.

Cenergist site office opening times: Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Your project manager from Camden is David Campling. Contact him by phone on 07970 908 963 or by email at David.Campling@Camden.gov.uk.

Where are the works taking place?

The estate is broken into eight residential blocks as follows: 

1-42 (consecutive) Ashdown Crescent (location of Estate Central Boiler House) 
1-49 (odd) Vicar’s Road 
131-319 (odd) Weedington Road 
172-376 (even) Weedington Road 
161-349 (odd) Grafton Road 
2-104 (consecutive) Wellesley Road 
351-377 (odd) Grafton Road 
6-61 (consecutive) Gilden Crescent 

Allowing access for Cenergist

Cenergist need to carry out internal surveys in your home. It is important that you allow access as it will support them to take measurements and plan where pipes can go. It's also an opportunity for you to discuss the new heating system, pipework and radiator locations etc.