Cenergist are upgrading the heating and hot water on your estate. This includes replacing all the heating pipes and upgrading everyone’s radiators.  

Here are some more details of what we are planning to do and the benefits that you will see once works are complete. You can read the full information pack here.

Problems with the current system: 

  • it is old and doesn’t work as reliably as it should 

  • it is expensive to maintain 

  • if one of your neighbours needs their heating and hot water switched off for a repair you may have to have yours switched off too 

What we have done already: 

  • upgraded the boiler room but kept the existing boilers because they’ll still work well for another 15 or so years 

  • replaced all the pipes which carry heat and hot water around the estate 

How the new system will be better: 

  • if one of your neighbours needs their system switched off for a repair your system won’t be affected 

  • we are installing new radiators in everyone’s homes  

  • we are installing a HIU (Heat Interface Unit) in everyone’s home, which connects your home to the communal heating system 

  • we are installing new heating and water pipework in each flat 

  • Cenergist will visit you to do a survey of your home and discuss where pipes can and can’t go 

When we will visit your home 

This is the order that Cenergist plan to work on each block: 

  • 1 – 42 Ashdown Crescent  

  • 131 - 319 Weedington Road  

  • 172 - 376 Weedington Road  

  • 351 – 377 Grafton Road 

  • 1 – 49 Vicars Road 

  • 161 – 349 Grafton Road 

  • Gilden Crescent  

  • 2 – 104 Wellesley Road  

This order could still change. If you can’t make the dates we give you, Cenergist will work with you to find a time that you can do. 

How long the works will take 

The works should take around 3 to 4 days if you live in a: 

  • studio 

  • 1 bedroom 

  • 2 bedroom 

  • 3 bedroom 

The works should take around 4 to 5 days if you live in a: 

  • 4 bedroom 

  • 5 bedroom 

  • 6 bedroom 

Whilst the works are taking place 

  • we will have to turn off your heating and hot water for a short time during the works 

  • we will provide temporary heaters if you need them  

  • your kitchen cold water taps will keep working throughout the works 

  • your hot water, and for most people, the cold water to your bathroom will sometimes be turned off for up to a few hours at a time between 8am and 4pm 

Contact information 

The Senior Resident Liaison Officer from Cenergist is Julia Humphrey and her contact number is 07939 595 897

You can also contact Resident Liaison Officer Collette Rice, on 07496 843 530 or Umoh Ufot on 07932 652 634

Your site manager from Cenergist is George Thomas and he can be contacted on 07534 436 273 

If you would like to visit the site office, it’s located in the TRA hall at 172B Weedington Road. 

Cenergist site office opening times: Monday to Friday - 8.00am to 4.00pm. 

Your project manager from Camden is Helen Barrett and you can contact her by phone on 020 7974 1479 or alternatively by email Helen.Barrett@camden.gov.uk