What is a heat meter?

A heat meter accurately measures the energy you use to heat your home and hot water. It means we can charge you accurately for the energy you use.

Read our Camden Heat Meter booklet for further information:

Camden Heat Meter booklet




Why are we installing heat meters?

We have been installing heat meters on estates with communal heating systems since 2009. Directives from the European Union now require Camden to install more heat meters across the borough over the coming years.

Previously residents paid a fixed amount regardless of how much heat or hot water was used. With heat meters, residents pay for their actual individual consumption based on readings from the meters. 

Heat meters have provided residents with the opportunity to monitor and control energy use more efficiently and save money.


How to pay for energy with a heat meter

If you are a council tenant, you have a weekly heating charge included in your rent. Your heating charge is set once a year. It is based on the heating and hot water you used in April to March of the previous year, which is measured by your heat meter.

Leaseholders with a heat meter are charged yearly for their heating and hot water as part of their service charge. This is based on actual usage.

For further information on how to save energy, please call the Green Camden helpline on 0800 801 738 or visit camden.gov.uk/green

How to use your heat meter and heating controls

You can get the most out of your heat meter and control how much energy you use by familiarising yourself with the heating controls in your home.

Different buildings have different heating controls. Find your heating control instructions below: