pic of speech bubble
If you want to tell us what you think about something
CLDS logo
for example the help you get from CLDS
a woman with learning disabilities with a team behind
your workers or your support
a woman with raised finger with to-do list
or anything else
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then please get in touch, we'd like to hear from you
pic of woman with head in hands
If you are unhappy about something
man talking to social worker
you can make a complaint and your worker or carer can help you do this
green telephone
You can
Freephone 0800 91 77 307
Telephone 020 79 74 43 41
envelope with hand writing the address
You can write to
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street
symbol for questionnaire
You can also tell us what you think by filling in our CLDS survey or CLDS carers’ survey
picture of three people outside house
If you or a family member live in Camden's supported living service, you can tell us what you think about this service by filling in our easy survey about supported living
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You can also fill in the easy survey by using this QR code