We have been redesigning our website to make it easier to use.  

This includes: 

  • making information easier to find 
  • making the site more accessible 
  • improving how the website looks and feels 

A lot of work has already been done, and we are continuing to work on these changes. 

Your feedback will help us to keep improving the website. If you take part, you will get a £20 Amazon voucher for your time. 

Who can take part 

You don’t need any experience to take part in research. We particularly want to hear from people from diverse backgrounds or who are not confident with technology. 

To take part, you must either: 

  • be a Camden resident 
  • work in Camden  
  • own a business in Camden  

How the sessions will work 

We will ask you what you think about our new website design. We'll also give you a short task so we can see if the website is easy to use and understand. 

Sessions will be held online through Microsoft Teams and are 30 minutes long. 

What you will need 

The only thing you will need is a computer, tablet, or phone with an Internet connection.  

How to register your interest 

If you're interested, send us an email to testing-with-users@camden.gov.uk  

Your email must include: 

  • your name 
  • your age 
  • your phone number 
  • the type of device you'll be using, such as a computer, tablet or phone 
  • your job or if you are a student, unemployed or retired 
  • whether or not you are a council housing tenant or leaseholder  
  • the Camden postcode where you live or work 
  • whether you will need an interpreter, and which language