This page provides a list of planned estate walkabouts and where they have happened. It also provides links to Estate Action Plans agreed during the events. 

All estate walkabouts involve Camden tenants, leaseholders, staff and councillors and aim to agree actions to improve our estates and make Camden neighbourhoods safer. 

The plans will be updated when actions are completed.

Click on the appropriate link to open an action plan for each estate.

Walkabout Dates and Estates 2022/23

Sidings Estate                     

July 2022 walkabout: 13/07/22 (PDF)


August 2022 walkabout: 31/08/22 (PDF)

Bourne Estate

September 2022 walkabout: 7/09/22 (PDF)

Ingestre Road Estate                        

September 2022 walkabout: 21/09/22 (PDF)

Walker House

October 2022 walkabout: 4/10/22 (PDF)

Ampthill Square Estate                                   

November 2022 walkabout: 9/11/22 (PDF)

Hilgrove Estate

November 2022 walkabout: 16/11/22 (PDF)

Templar House

November 2022 walkabout: 16/11/22 (PDF)

Curnock Estate                        

November 2022 walkabout: 30/11/22 (PDF)

Kingsland Estate

December 2022 walkabout: 1/12/22 (PDF)

College Place Estate                                  

January 2023 walkabout: 18/01/23 (PDF)

Kenbrook House Estate

January 2023 walkabout: 25/01/23 (PDF)

Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate                        

February 2023 walkabout: 15/2/23 4 to 5pm (PDF)


March 2023 walkabout: 15/3/23 5pm (PDF)

Coopers Lane Estate                                  

April 2023 walkabout: 12/4/23 5pm (PDF)

Bourne Estate

May 2023 walkabout: 10/5/23 5pm

Wellesley Road

June 2023 walkabout: 14/6/23 5pm


Walkabouts 2023/24 (dates TBC)


Tybalds Estate

Clarence Way Estate

Harben Road Estate

Three Fields Estate

Bernard Shaw/Foster Court Estate

Maiden Lane Estate

Somers Town Estate

Brunswick Centre

Torriano Estate

Maitland Park Estate

Whitton Estate

Whittington Estate