Food waste recycling

Some food waste is unavoidable but that doesn't mean it has to go into your general rubbish bin. Many homes in Camden are eligible for our weekly food waste recycling service.

Find out if your property has a food waste recycling service

Lots of things can go in your food waste caddy. 

Yes please

  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • stale bread and pastries
  • meat and fish bones (raw and cooked)
  • dairy products
  • eggs and eggshells
  • plate scrapings and leftovers

No thanks

  • packaging
  • liquids
  • garden waste
  • oil
  • any materials other than food waste

When you recycle your food waste, it’s sent to special processing plants and is transformed into low-carbon electricity helping to power homes and communities, or turned into compost, which farmers can use as fertiliser. This is great for the environment.


Food waste collections from houses or converted houses

Use your small green kitchen caddy to collect all of your unavoidable food waste.

Put it in your brown lockable outdoor caddy by 7am on your collection day. 

You can line your caddy or put food waste straight in. If you do line your caddy please either use a compostable food bin liner or normal plastic bags that are coming to the end of their life. Please don’t use black bin bags to line your caddy. 

Order your free kitchen or outdoor food waste caddies

Communal food waste collections

Most estates will have a communal food waste bins which will be emptied weekly. 

Please line your green kitchen caddy with a compostable liner or a plastic bag (as long as it’s not black) and take your tied food waste to your estate’s food waste recycling bin. All food waste recycling bins have securable lids to stop them smelling or rodents getting in. 

Check if your property has a food waste collection and order your free kitchen caddy

Reducing food waste tips

Food makes up 28% of the rubbish people in Camden throw away and could be costing you £70 a month. Reducing the amount of food you waste can help protect the environment and save you money. 

Top tips:

  • keep your fridge below 5 degrees – your food will last up to three days longer
  • plan your meals – make a shopping list and stick to it
  • love your leftovers – check out Love Food Hate Waste and Hubbub recipe ideas for inspiration 
  • freeze what you can’t eat – you can freeze loads more than you think, including fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, hummus, fresh herbs, spaghetti and more

Find out more about reducing food waste