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Daleham Gardens demolition - final Demolition Management Plan published

Thank you to all local residents who submitted feedback on the draft Demolition Management Plan for the planned demolition work at 31 Daleham Gardens.

We are now pleased to share the final version of the Demolition Management Plan, with all questions and concerns answered by our development team. You can find a copy of the plan here.

The ongoing safety and concerns of our residents is important, so please send any further questions or queries regarding the planned demolition work to: [email protected]

Demolition at 31 Daleham Gardens - Key Information

31 Daleham Gardens is due to be demolished and redeveloped by a community developer to provide new homes, including a number of affordable homes.  

The contractor for the demolition is not yet appointed, but once they are, their contact details will be displayed on this site and on the Council’s website.

Q. When is the demolition due to start and finish?

Work will start in Spring 2021, and will take several months to complete.

Q. What are the days and times of work?

Working hours for all demolition activities will be from:

No continuous 24-hour activities or any working on Sundays or Bank Holidays is envisaged.                          

Any hammer-driven piling or impact breaking out of materials shall be carried out between the hours of: 08h00 – 18h00 Monday to Friday; and shall not take place at any time on Sundays and Bank Holidays.               

Vehicle movements will be prohibited at peak times due to school traffic

Q. What is the process used for the demolition?  

The proposed works include the controlled demolition of the existing 4-storey structure (including basement) and ground bearing slab.

Q. How will dust, vibration and noise be minimised and managed?

Mitigation measures will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Acoustic treatment to hoardings adjacent to sensitive neighbouring properties.
  • Avoidance of percussive techniques if alternatives are available.
  • Stationary plant such as temporary generators will be located as far as practicably away from the nearest sensitive receptor.
  • Plant will be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and will be shut down between work periods or throttled down to a minimum;
  • Acoustic covers to engines will be kept closed when engines are in use.
  • Appropriate screens or enclosures will be provided where required.
  • Continuous monitoring will be undertaken thought the works, breaking and other noisy operations will be monitored closely.
  • Site personnel will be instructed in environmental matters including
  • Best Practicable Means (BPM) to reduce noise and vibration. They will be informed in the Site induction regarding the surrounding environment.
  • All vehicle movements to be scheduled to occur during daytime hours only and engines to be switched off when waiting.
  • All plant to comply with relevant national or international standards, directives and recommendations.
  • Hydraulic powered pulverisers and shears will be used where practicable (in lieu of pneumatic hammers).
  • In the event of emergency works needing to be carried out outside of agreed hours, optimise sequencing to minimise duration, seek dispensation or variation from the Local Authority and inform neighbours as early as possible.
  • Electrical or LPG powered plant will be used, where practicable, rather than plant powered by combustion engine.

Q. Where will site office be located?                              

The site offices will be located on site, at 31 Daleham Gardens, NW3 5BU                                                                                    

Q. What measures are being taken to keep people safe?

The site will be securely hoarded with locked access.

Lorry movements will not be permitted during a one hour period before and after school opening/closing times.

Lorries will access the site from Nutley Terrace and leave the site by Akenside Road and Fitzjohn’s Avenue.

Q. How will the behaviour of lorry drivers be managed?

The drivers will have strict instructions about movement times and routes.

The Project Manager will monitor any complaints and take action. They will also ensure any subcontractors on the site are continually reminded about the requirements.

Residents can help to manage this process by getting in touch if there is a problem being caused by vehicles arriving at or leaving the site.

Q. Is there a Demolition Management plan?                 

Yes, the final demolition management plan is available for you to comment on and can be found here.

Please send any questions or concerns to: [email protected].