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School travel and child road safety

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Safety of children on our roads

The safety of children on our roads is very important, particularly on regular journeys such as going to school.

It is also vital that children are able, and allowed, to get around by walking, cycling and public transport. This helps keep them keep fit and mentally active, as well as developing good travel habits for life.

Training and Workshops

These are some of the initiatives we carry out to help children be safe and confident on the roads:

Pedestrian Skills Training

This training seeks to reduce child pedestrian injuries by giving children the skills and knowledge to make independent journeys more safely. Training is highly interactive, enabling children to acquire road safety language, skills and attitudes. We target Year 5 because of their growing independence and the need to reach them before secondary school when pedestrian injury rates peak (11-14 year olds). Pedestrian skills support School Travel Plans and the National Healthy Schools Programme and promotes walking as a healthy travel mode. 

‘Dying To Ride and Drive’ Workshop

This is a hard-hitting road safety workshop delivered to Camden’s Sixth Form students. It was created through the partnership of Camden’s Smarter Travel Team and Dorset Police- Safety, Education & Enforcement Service. The workshop supports Camden’s commitment to reduce road casualties among young people aged 16-19. It offers sixth formers in depth guidance and support in riding and driving, which ties in with the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum. The knowledge enables young people to be safer road users of mopeds, scooters and cars. Also, the workshop is designed to make them to think of the impact of unsafe actions on their parents, family and friends. Issues addressed include drink/drug driving, speeding, seat belts, cycle helmets and mobile phone usage.

Theatre In Education

We currently work with the Arc Theatre Company to provide road safety performances and workshops to Year 1, 6 and Secondary Schools.