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Street lights, traffic lights and zebra crossing lights

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Street lighting

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What is the problem with the column?
What is the problem with the lantern?
What is the problem with the lamp/bulb?
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We will pass your report to our contractor to investigate and wherever possible we will rectify the problem within 48 hours. However, depending on the lighting fault and remedial action required it may take us longer.

We may need to order special replacement parts to fix the street light and in some cases, if the fault involves broken or dangerous wiring, we need to contract UK Power Networks to fix the problem as we are not authorised to make electrical connections to the main electricity supply. This work must be done by the UK Power Networks who is the electricity supplier.

Unfortunately this work can take up to six weeks to be done, a timescale that we do not have any control over. We are trying to reduce this timescale by meeting with representatives from UK Power Networks.

Zebra crossing maintenance

Which part of the zebra crossing light is damaged?
What is the problem with the column?
What is the problem with the belisha beacon (yellow bowl)?
What is the problem with the light/bulb?

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Repairs take up to seven working days to complete. We will make the area safe within 24 hours of you reporting this problem.