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Rain water is drained from roads to roadside gullies. These drains are connected to the public network of sewers, which is the responsibility of Thames Water. Please contact them on 0845 9200200 or visit

We aim to keep gullies free from blockages. We clean gullies one to four times a year, depending on its location and accessibility.

We are responsible for repairs or inspection of the gully, which includes the drain and its connection to the public sewer and the cover of the gully to the sewer connection point.

If the flooding is caused by heavy rainfall, it is possible that the Thames Water sewer will be full and will become surcharged. In these circumstances road gullies may not be able to discharge water into the sewer until the intensity of rain reduces.

We are not responsible for the main sewers and their capacity or ability to cope with extreme conditions or drains on private roads.

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Repairs take up to seven working days to complete. We will make the area safe within 24 hours of you reporting this problem