Our money advice and support referral form will be unavailable on the morning of Tuesday 16 April. This is due to planned website maintenance.

Please complete any urgent applications before this time 

Website maintenance will not affect the Better off Calculator, Discretionary Housing Payment applications and forms on external sites like GOV.UK

If you need help with money and bills or if you're in debt, we can give you advice and support you to access any help with money you may be eligible for.

Who can get support

You can get support if you: 

  • are Camden residents 
  • are over 16 years old and living independently, or 18 years old and over 
  • are living in severe financial hardship
  • have not had 2 crisis awards in the last 12 months or 1 in the last 6 months

Before you start 

Please complete our Better Off Calculator and budget sheet before filling in the form. This will help us understand what support you're eligible for, so that we can help you claim it.

How to use the calculator and budget sheet

To get the information we need: 

  1. Fill in our Better Off Calculator

  1. When you complete the calculator, please press ‘Send to Tackling Poverty Team’ so we receive your results

If you need help using the calculator, you can use the web chat feature on the calculator to speak with a benefits adviser or call us on 020 7974 4444 and choose option 9.

If the calculator suggests you may be eligible for government benefits such as Universal Credit, you should get advice before applying for the benefits.

You can:

  • refer yourself for our money advice service
  • call Citizens Advice on 0800 144 8444 for advice on Universal Credit

You will need 

For the referral form, you will need: 

  • to confirm that you have completed our better off calculator
  • your most recent bank statements for all your current and savings accounts 
  • evidence for any debt that’s relevant to your application, if available

We ask for your bank statements and evidence of debt so that we can check how severe your hardship is. This helps us to get you the support that is available to you. 

Read our privacy notice

By submitting the form, you agree for us to: 

  • review your benefit calculator results 
  • use the information you give us as part of any application for support we offer 
  • share your information with our external advice partners if we set up a referral 

Read our privacy notice before you begin filling out the form

What to expect 

The form will take about 25 minutes to complete. 

When you’ve submitted the self-referral form, we will call you within 10 working days - but it may take longer at particularly busy times. If your situation is urgent, we will call sooner. 

When we speak to you, we will give you advice and help you claim support you’re entitled to.

Refer yourself for money advice