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Minimum energy efficiency standards support grant

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Minimum energy efficiency standards support grant

If you are a landlord and your property has an energy performance certificate rating between band D and G, you can apply for a grant to improve the energy efficiency of the property to band C.

How much can I get?

We will match fund landlord contribution up to a maximum of £10,000 per building. This excludes any other external funding.

What works are eligible?

Any works recommended by:

  • a valid energy performance certificate. This should be ideally no more than 24 months old


  • a whole house PAS2035 retrofit plan for properties where EPC is not required, for example, a house in multiple occupation. Any works to be overseen by a retrofit coordinator.

Grant conditions

Before applying for this grant please read the guidance explaining the grant conditions:

  • on completion of the works the property will achieve an energy performance certificate rating of at least band C
  • grant assistance will not be available where works are covered by a scheme provided by an organisation other than Camden
  • no grant assistance will be available where a notice requiring works to be carried out for excess cold has been served under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004, unless a complete application is received before the start date of works, as detailed in the statutory notice
  • gas central heating boilers to have a minimum seasonal efficiency of 90% and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions of 40mg/kWh or less
  • a certificate of future occupation is required for renting for 5 years
  • where applicable, the landlord must complete the HMO Certificate
  • property must comply with Camden’s HMO standards, where applicable
  • where the premises are liable for licensing under Part 2 or 3 of the Housing Act, the premises are licensed
  • at completion of the works the landlord must be a member of the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this grant, please contact us at [email protected]