Between October 2022 and March 2023, Camden Council has been awarded £2 million from the Department for Work and Pension's (DWP) Household Support Fund. This will help the borough’s most vulnerable households with the rising cost of living.

We have decided that the funding will be used in two ways:

Supermarket vouchers

Supermarket vouchers will be posted to families living in Camden with children aged up to 18 who are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. Any child attending a Camden school and receiving free school meals will also receive vouchers.

Families will receive:

  • £15 per child in early November 2022
  • £30 per child in December 2022
  • £15 per child in February 2023

Families with more than one child will receive multiple vouchers. The vouchers can be used in a variety of supermarkets. Over 16,400 children will receive support.

Cost of Living Crisis Fund

The remaining Household Support Fund will be given as direct awards of up to £500 to residents in severe financial hardship as part of our Cost of Living Crisis Fund.

Find out how to apply for the Cost of Living Crisis Fund

More information

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