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Highway searches

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What is a highway search?

Highway searches can show the approximate extent of the adopted highway. You may ask a series of questions in your request, for example, identifying any road proposals around the property.

Our search provides details around the property location that you are enquiring on. If you require a larger area or another address there will be additional charges. Our search can answer two common questions in relation to the property. The map provided will help indicate the answers to these types of questions:

1) To show the approximate extent of the highways and adopted roads in relation to the property

2) Which roads are maintained at public expense and which are not?

Request a highway search

In order to request a highway search on our roads please follow the steps below. Please note, this form has a new look and feel but captures the same information as before.

Request a highway search

It is recommended that you review the address details you have provided, as they cannot be amended once submitted. In the rare occasion, that the address you are looking for does not appear please send over a plan and details to

What we will provide

A 1:1,500 scale map of the area in question showing the public highway maintained by the London Borough of Camden under the provisions of the Highways Act 1980.
Please note that the extent of the public highways is not precisely indicated on our map.

Example of what will be provided.


The cost for this service is £47.18 inclusive of VAT (from 1 April 2024) and can be paid through our secure online card payment system; we will aim to respond within 5 working days after receiving payment. Once credit card payment has taken place our automated process does not allow for cancellation of this search.

Any further questions in addition to those mentioned are liable to a further charge of £47.18 per additional question (from 1 April 2024) .

From 20 June, if you wish to submit Additional Questions, once you have submitted and made payment for your Highways Search, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to our Additional Questions form which will enable you to select your questions and make payment.

Additional questions that we will charge for:

  • Are there any road or traffic improvements proposed by the Camden Highway Authority, which may affect the property?​
  • Please can you confirm if there are any footpaths or other highways crossing over the property?
  • Is there any information available regarding any future improvements or developments which may affect traffic flow around the property in question?
  • Are there any permanent road closures (stopping up orders) planned which may affect the property?
  • Are there any new roads proposed by the Camden Highway Authority?
  • Is the site within 100 metres of a road maintained by Transport for London, Crown Estate Pavement Commission, or a London Borough other than Camden?
  • Is there a S278 agreement for this development/ site? - Please provide planning application number

The London Borough of Camden is a central London Borough and as such has no requirement to hold a definitive plan. Although the borough provides plans showing the approximate extent of the public highway, this may include private forecourts particularly where there are public have rights of way over the land. Forecourts gain public rights where there is no physical separation from the highway allowing use by the public, particularly where the footpath is narrow for the numbers of people using it, in the vicinity of bus stops or other street furniture or at junctions. The extent of privately maintained  forecourt should be ascertained from building deeds.

It should be noted that just because land is privately maintained does not mean that there are no public rights over it.

If you want a site visit from an officer the cost is £160.64 inclusive of VAT (from 1 April 2024).