You can pay to have your garden waste collected each week. You can share these collections with your neighbours. 

How much does it cost? 

It costs: 

  • £75 for a 12 month subscription 
  • £60 for a 9 month subscription 

You may be entitled to a discounted price, if you are: 

  • aged 65 or older 
  • receiving 100% Council Tax Support 

Once you have subscribed, you can contact Veolia to request 3 reusable white garden waste bags or one brown garden waste bin. 

Where to put your garden waste  

You should put your garden waste:  

  • in your white bags or brown bin  
  • outside the registered address by 7am on your collection day  
  • within one metre of the front entrance of the registered property  

Garden waste that does not fit in your bags or your bin will not be collected. 

What goes in your garden waste 

We collect: 

  • grass cuttings 
  • weeds 
  • dead flowers 
  • garden prunings 
  • leaves and bark 

We can’t collect: 

  • soil or rubble 
  • plant pots 
  • stones 
  • large tree cuttings 
  • food waste 
  • any other general rubbish 

Subscribe for a garden waste collection

Call Veolia to subscribe to a garden waste collection on 020 3567 8105


Composting is cheap, energy efficient and can improve your soil. 

Find out more with the North London Waste Authority's tips for composting. 

You can buy compost bins from £5 plus delivery at Get Composting: 

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