Dockless Bike Hire in Camden

Camden is working with dockless electric bike operator Lime.  Bikes can be hired through a smartphone app and used in a similar fashion to TfL Santander bikes.

Dockless bikes must be picked up and dropped off in designated docking bays which can be found on the app. Users who don't observe these parking restrictions will receive a fine.

Dockless bike hire operators provide detailed user information on compulsory parking bays, preferred parking zones and no-parking zones. Bikes must be parked responsibly without causing an obstruction in the compulsory, designated dockless bike and e-scooter bays. 

Reporting an obstruction

The quickest way to report a hire bike or e-scooter causing an obstruction is to contact the operator directly.

Contact the operator

Lime (previously Jump or Uber)

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0800 808 5223
  • Twitter: @limebike
  • In app reporting





If your complaint is not resolved

If you have a complaint that has not been resolved by the dockless bike company, contact us by email:

eScooter Hire trial in Camden

Transport for London has launched an electric scooter hire trial across parts of London. Dott, Lime and Tier have been selected as service operators by TfL and London Councils.

All three operators have experience of providing rental e-scooters in other European cities. In addition, Lime currently provide dockless hire bikes in London, including Camden.

We are committed to exploring options for sustainable forms of transport and ways to tackle the climate crisis. Rental e-scooters could provide an alternative mode of travel that is emission free while being used for commuting, accessing local services and leisure trips.

This would meet our Camden Transport Strategy policies, which include our aspiration to “develop and implement a range of initiatives that promote and provide attractive, convenient and safe alternatives to private cars and other forms of motor traffic”.

The Camden Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis has developed 17 actions that should be taken by residents, community groups, businesses and Camden Council to tackle the climate crisis. Taking part in the trial would also help meet action 10 which is to enable electric transport with infrastructure and incentives. The trial is particularly important as a means of helping to reduce the potential impacts of a car-led recovery as Covid-19 restrictions continue to be eased.

If you would like to make any comments on the ongoing trial, you can have your say on the Council's Safe and Healthy Streets Commonplace website which allows residents and stakeholders to give feedback during the trial period.