About the Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge collected from new developments, which funds facilities such as:

  • roads and transport
  • education
  • medical
  • sport, recreation and open spaces

The CIL applies to all proposals which add 100m2 of new floorspace or an extra dwelling. This includes bringing vacant building back into use. The amount to pay is the increase in floorspace (m2) multiplied by the rate in the CIL charging schedule.

Camden collects 2 types of Community Infrastructure Levy: the Mayoral CIL and the Camden CIL.

Camden will be adopting a new Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule on 30th October 2020.

Any planning permission granted after this date will be subject to these new rates. The principal change is a higher rate of £110 per sqm for offices, research and development and hotel uses in Central London. The existing rates have also been increased slightly in the new schedule. This is for the purposes of clarity to reflect the current levels of indexation applied under the CIL regulations. The new schedule has been subject to an Examination in Public decision to adopt the revised schedule can be viewed here

Enlarged maps of the zones: North West | Central and North | South (PDF)  

CIL Notices:

Community Infrastructure Levy notices issued by Camden

Further information: 

Make a Community Infrastructure Levy payment
Community Infrastructure Levy notices issued by Camden
Contact the Community Infrastructure Levy team

View our CIL and Section 106 annual reports and newsletters here.

Spending the Camden Community Infrastructure Levy

The Camden CIL will be spent as follows:

  • 70 per cent on strategic projects across Camden
  • 25 per cent on local projects
  • 5 per cent on administration costs

This approach is set out in more detail in an Infrastructure funding statement 2020. This should be read in conjunction with the Annual CIL and section 106 report which sets out information of agreed future spending.

Strategic CIL

70 per cent of Camden Strategic CIL is spent on borough-wide infrastructure to support growth. To date this has been spent on schools and highways. More information is available in our CIL and S106 Annual Report

Local CIL 

25 per cent of the Camden CIL will be allocated locally by ward councillors. The spending process is guided by Local CIL Priority Lists for each ward. These have been developed by members in consultation with local communities.

If you wish to see some CIL given to a project, contact the ward councillors where the project is based. Ask if they would be willing to sponsor it.  

A proposal to spend Local CIL must be submitted on the standard form. This must be submitted by one of the councillors for the ward(s) where the project is based. You are advised to read the information provided at the links below before completing you form.

If you would like any further information on Local CIL allocations please

Contact the Community Infrastructure Levy team 

Camden’s Community Infrastructure Levy Team 
(Also known as the CIL Team)

Community Infrastructure Levy 
020 7974 5750 / 020 7974 7895
London Borough of Camden 
5 Pancras Square


The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge local authorities are able to collect on new developments in their area. It is charged when planning permissions are put in place. It is based on a formula relating to the type and size of development. Affordable housing and development by charities are exempt. 

The CIL is applied to all proposals which add 100sqm of new floorspace to one dwelling or more. Once the CIL has been collected it is used to fund infrastructure and local projects. This includes roads and other transport facilities, flood defences, educational facilities, medical facilities, sporting/recreation facilities and open spaces. 

Both the Mayor of London and Camden have the powers to raise a CIL.