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Citizens’ Assembly on climate crisis

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Citizens’ Assembly on climate crisis

Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis

In July 2019, Camden held the UK’s first Citizens' Assembly on the climate crisis. Over three sessions, Assembly members considered evidence from climate scientists, environmentalists and community energy practitioners, before developing their proposals on how Camden should address the climate crisis. The Assembly proposals will informed Camden Climate Action Plan 2020-2025.

Read about the three Citizens’ Assembly sessions below:

Session 1: Climate change and Camden

Download the event programme (PDF) for Session 1. Please see below for presentations and footage from the first Assembly meeting:

Session 2: Pathways to the future

Download the event programme (PDF) for Session 2. Please see the table below for presentations and footage from the second Assembly meeting:

Session 3: Action for Change

At the third session on 20 July 2019, Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly presented its findings and climate proposals. Download the event programme (PDF) and review the final Assembly proposals.

The Assembly proposals were informed by over 600 community ideas from residents, school children, businesses and organisations. Learn more about the community ideas (PDF) and review them in more detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please review our FAQs if you have a question about the Citizens’ Assembly process. Download FAQs (PDF). If the FAQs do not answer your question please contact us at [email protected]

Carbon dioxide reduction to 2030

Read our latest report on how carbon dioxide emissions across the borough can be reduced: London Borough of Camden: Carbon Scenarios to 2030 (PDF)