Heating and hot water upgrade at Holly Lodge

The Works – What to expect

The boiler system at Holly Lodge needs to be updated.  We will be installing new boilers which will offer the best value for money in the most environmentally friendly way.

The works will be carried out in 2 Phases.

Why are the works being done?

The original boilers stopped working properly in May 2015.  Since then your heating and hot water has been supplied by temporary boilers. The temporary boilers are more expensive to run, Camden has been paying these extra costs, and we have not been passing them on to residents. The temporary boilers are less environmentally friendly and they need more repairs more often. They need to be replaced soon to prevent any further breakdowns.

The new heating system will give residents a more energy efficient heating and hot water system.

When are the works being done?

From: Spring 2022
Duration: 16 Weeks

Who do we need to contact about the works?

Your heating works Project Manager is James Wainwright. Contact him by phone on 07970 908950 or by email at james.wainwright@camden.gov.uk.

You can also ask questions or make comments online at our Holly Lodge comments page 

Noise disruption

There will be some noisy works. However we will try to keep this to a minimum.  

What's next?

We will continue to hold meeting with residents and work closely with the Residents Panel members to finalise the design of the project.

Once we have appointed a contractor there will be an opportunity to meet the contractor  and your project manager, to ask any questions that you have.

Phase 1

The works - whats involved

Phase 1 of the works will include upgrading boiler room and removing the temporary boiler.

What are the arrangements for the works?

These are external works.  We won’t need access inside anybody’s home for phase 1, and we won’t need to put up scaffolding.

Makepeace Avenue only

We also need to work on the hot water system at 1-16 Makepeace Avenue because it is connected directly to the boiler room. This will help residents in this block get their hot water quicker.

Regeneration Blocks  - Makepeace Avenue

This phase of the works doesn’t include working on the regeneration blocks, but the CIP (regeneration) team are continuing to investigate the temperature in the communal areas of the block.

We will update the residents of these blocks separately.

Phase 2

What is Involved?

Phase 2 of the project will look at the heating and hot water system inside your blocks and homes.

The details for this phase have not been decided yet. We are listening to and working with residents to explore the which option provides the most environmentally friendly system and the best value for money.

  • blocks on the communal heating and hot water system will probably stay connected to it.
  • blocks with their own heating and hot water supply will probably stay independent.

What is included?

Here are some of what we think phase 2 will include to make the heating system more reliable, energy efficient and cut down on our contribution to climate change

  • a future-proof heating and hot water system, designed to include low-carbon technology
  • upgrading and/or replacing the heating and hot water system inside residents’ homes
  • this might include things like new energy-efficient windows, and better insulation.

Holly Lodge heating and hot water working group

Working Group

The working group is a panel made up of residents and Camden Officers to discuss the heating and hot water proposals for the estate.

Information on what is discussed in this group is shown in the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Minutes of Meeting

Fire safety works

The Works

We carried out a number of virtual meetings with residents in December 2020 to discuss the proposed works and answer your questions.
We used a void property as a pilot so that all residents could see what the new fire safety features will look like.  

Works are now underway to install a range of fire safety measures including:

•    new fire resistant doors
•    smoke and heat detection in flats and communal areas
•    fire stopping and compartmentation where needed.

There have also been works carried out to the rooftop exits, walkways and gantries as they don’t meet current safety standards.

Why have the works been carried out?

These works are being carried out to meet with the latest Fire Safety Guidelines.

When did the works start?

Start date: April 2021
Completion: January 2022

Next Steps

These works are now complete. Satisfaction Surveys will be sent to residents which can be used to tell us about the completed works.  

If you have any questions about the work please contact your project manager Suket Patel on 0207 974 2328 or at Suket.Patel@camden.gov.uk