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Better Homes - Holly Lodge

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Heating and hot water upgrade at Holly Lodge

The works – what to expect

The boiler system at Holly Lodge needs to be updated.  We will be installing new boilers which will offer the best value for money in the most environmentally friendly way.

Why are the works being done?

The original boilers stopped working properly in May 2015.  Since then your heating and hot water has been supplied by temporary boilers. The temporary boilers are more expensive to run, Camden has been paying these extra costs, and we have not been passing them on to residents. The temporary boilers are less environmentally friendly and they need more repairs more often. They need to be replaced soon to prevent any further breakdowns.

When are the works being done?

From: summer 2024
Duration: 16 Weeks

Who do we need to contact about the works?

Your heating works Project Manager is Uzmat Hussain. Contact him by phone on 07971747433
 or email Uzmat at [email protected]

Noise disruption

There will be some noisy works. However, we will try to keep this to a minimum.  

What's next?

We will continue to hold meeting with residents and work closely with the Residents Panel members to finalise the design of the project.

Once we have appointed a contractor there will be an opportunity to meet the contractor and your project manager, to ask any questions that you have.

Jan 2024 update to residents affected by works

This is a brief update on the progress of our ongoing capital works project aimed at updating the boilers and associated plant within the Swains Lane plant-room.

As of now, Camden have made significant strides in the planning phase, and are pleased to announce that the tender documents pack is set to be issued next week for potential contractors to submit bids against. This critical step marks a pivotal moment as we move closer to selecting a contractor who will play a key role in delivery of the project.

We are optimistic about works starting on site this Summer 2024, pending the successful appointment of a contractor, and we will update yourselves and residents as we complete the procurement process.

Your continued support and involvement are invaluable to the success of this project. We look forward to sharing further updates and milestones as we progress.

The works - whats involved

Works will include upgrading boiler room and removing the temporary boiler.

What are the arrangements for the works?

These are external works. We won’t need access inside anybody’s home for phase 1, and we won’t need to put up scaffolding.

Holly Lodge heating and hot water working group

Working Group

The working group is a panel made up of residents and Camden Officers to discuss the heating and hot water proposals for the estate.

Information on what is discussed in this group is shown in the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Minutes of Meeting