Our mission

Our autumn term courses have started.  We have been working really hard to create a COVID safe environment for our learners to return to. All of our venues have been risk assessed to make learning as safe as possible.
Our classes will be either face to face or online.  Class sizes will be small so that you can sit at a safe distance from each other.  Please note: everyone must wear a face mask for face to face classes.

Learn something new for work, for everyday life or just for fun.  

We aim to: 

  • encourage and support adults making their first steps back into learning 
  • work in partnership with the local colleges and groups. They provide the places where you are taught. This allows us to reach those most in need and least likely to engage 

We use inclusive learning and approaches that recognise the diversity of our community.

What to expect from Camden adult community learning

Learn something new for work, for everyday life or just for fun. 

Classes are informal. Learners are supported by tutors experienced in teaching adults. Learning is tailored to meet individual needs and priorities.  

Before joining a Camden adult community course we will give you: 

  • advice about which course(s) are right for you 
  • information about what you will learn on your chosen course(s) 
  • an assessment to find out if the course is right for you. We find out what you already know, what your learning priorities are and if you need extra support 

When you are on a course you will get: 

  • an individual learning plan so that you learn what is important to you 
  • regular feedback from your tutor on how well you are doing and how you can improve 
  • information about what you can go on to do after you have finished your course.

And if they are ready, learners can train to get a national qualification by joining some of our courses.

Careers advice

National Careers Service 

For information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work, please visit nationalcareers.service.gov.uk.

Good Work Camden Job Hub - Employment Support

Good Work Camden's Job Hub is a new service for any Camden resident. It gives one-to-one support on anything to do with employment.  This includes:

  • employment advice
  • links to job vacancies
  • support with CVs, job applications and interviews
  • links to training services
  • access to benefits advice
  • direct links to other Camden council services
  • support to address other issues that matter to you

To register to the Job Hub or for more information, please visit camden.gov.uk/employment-support.

Who are our courses for?

Our courses are for adults aged 19 and over. Priority is given to Camden residents. 

Some of our classes are for particular groups. This might be older people, parents/carers, ESOL learners or people with learning disabilities.

Some of the courses are intended as first steps into learning.