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You are able to work in the UK

To get help with finding work, get in touch with your local Jobcentre Plus (job centre) who will assign you a work coach. Please visit the right Jobcentre Plus according to the postcode you live. To find your nearest one, enter your postcode on the Department for Work and Pensions website

If you have any questions or issues around potential employment, you can also get help from one of our Jobs Hubs. To register for this, visit the Camden job hub website, call 020 7974 1666 or email 

The UK has employment laws that protect employees and ensure minimum standards, including a national minimum wage, regulation of working hours, laws around health and safety in the workplace, laws around discrimination, paid holiday, and laws around sick and maternity or paternity leave. Find out more on the citizens advice website

There are many online jobs sites that advertise for permanent and temporary work. 

There are also apprenticeship schemes available for people of all ages in a range of employment fields. Find out more on our apprenticeships website.