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Electricity meters in locked communal areas

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Electricity meters in locked communal areas

We understand how accurate meter readings can help you to manage your energy bills.

Electricity meters are owned by energy providers. In communal areas, they are often in locked cupboards or rooms that fall under Camden's responsibility. 

Residents should not access these locked areas under Camden's health and safety rules. If you need access for a meter reading or another reason, we can visit your property and provide support.  

How we can help 

If you have an electricity meter in a locked area, we can: 

  • provide a meter reading, up to 4 times a year 
  • give access for electrical work 
  • support the installation of a smart meter 
  • give access to top-up a pre-payment meter 

We only provide readings for electricity meters in communal areas. If your meter is inside your property, please contact your energy provider directly.  

We do not provide readings for other utilities (gas or water) and cannot perform repairs or electrical work. 

Request access to an electricity meter 

Complete our online form to request access to an electricity meter in a locked area. We usually respond to requests within 10 working days.  

You will need the serial number for your electricity meter. This will be listed on your electricity bill.  

Request access