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Help with drug or alcohol problems

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Help with drug or alcohol problems

If you are over 18 and need help with drug or alcohol problems, you can get free support if you:  

  • live in Camden 
  • are registered with a Camden GP 
  • are homeless in Camden 

We can support you through your journey to recovery. We can also give you advice about reducing the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. 

How it works 

When you contact us, we will arrange a time to talk to you about the help you need. We can help you find the tools to meet your goals, as well as any extra support you need along the way. 

We have lots of treatment options to support you, including: 

  • advice on keeping safe 
  • emotional support and counselling 
  • group work 
  • online courses 
  • medically assisted treatment 
  • access to different detox and rehab options 
  • peer support 
  • recovery support, including education, training and employment advice 
  • onward referrals to specialist services 

Get support 

To find out more about our service and get support, visit the Change Grow Live website.

You can also: 

If you don’t feel you are able to contact the services yourself, please contact social services or ask your GP, a relative or friend to phone for you. 

Check how much you drink 

Lower my drinking is a free and confidential tool to measure how much you drink and access support. 

You will be asked a few questions about how much you drink. Depending on your answers and level of risk, you will get tailored support to track and reduce your drinking. 

If you need urgent help 

If you think you need urgent help, please contact us by phone: