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District management committees and resident forums

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District management committees and resident forums

District Management Committees

District Management Committees (DMCs) meet four times a year to discuss local issues and housing committee reports. Once a year there is a joint meeting of all DMCs to discuss setting new rents. They also have funds available for residents’ groups to apply for. 

There are five DMCs:

  • Camden Town
  • Gospel Oak
  • Hampstead
  • Holborn
  • Kentish Town

You can search for past and present DMC committee reports.

How to join a DMC

To join a DMC you must be a member of a registered Tenant and Resident Association (TRA). For more details see our information on registering your TRA.

Apply to join a DMC

Please return the above form to or by post to the Tenant Participation Team.

After the application

Once you have successfully registered the Tenant Participation Team will send your group:

  • confirmation that your tenants’ group is registered
  • the date of the next DMC meeting
  • the name and contact details of the chair of the DMC


DMC representatives can also claim for reasonable travel expenses and childcare allowance can be claimed through your ward housing team.

Funding from DMC budget

Each DMC has a budget allocated annually to spend in each district. The below can apply for funding:

  • Tenants and Residents Associations that are registered with Camden DMCs
  • Tenant Managed Organisations that are registered with Camden DMCs
  • Council Officers on behalf of areas or estates not represented by Tenants and Residents Associations
  • DMC Chairs or Vice Chairs on behalf of community groups or estates not represented by Tenants and Residents’ Associations

Apply for DMC funding

Full details of the application process can be found in the our guidance document.

Please return all application forms by email or by post to Housing Business Support, 6th Floor 5PS – DMC funding application c/o London Borough of Camden, Judd Street, London, WC1H 9LP.

Your application will be logged and your form and passed on to your Neighbourhood Housing Manager. If it is approved it will then go to the next DMC meeting for discussion.

Other resident forums

The Leaseholder Forum

Members of this forum are elected every three years from all leaseholders in the borough. The leaseholder forum discusses issues affecting leaseholders across the borough. The forum sends a representative to all housing committee meetings.

The Sheltered Housing Forum

This forum discusses sheltered-housing issues across the borough and sends a representative to all housing committee meetings. Representatives are elected from each sheltered-housing scheme to take part in the forum:
Sheltered housing

The Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP)

CASP discusses issues relating to the management and maintenance of street properties (all properties that are not on housing estate) across the borough. CASP is made up of 15 representatives from street properties. Members are elected at AGMs, which all residents of street properties are invited to. For more information please contact


Taskforces are called to review the way a service is provided. In these cases, we will:

  • give residents clear information on what we would expect from them if they became involved
  • provide information and training to help residents play an equal part in the process
  • issue clear guidelines stating what the taskforce is responsible for
  • provide information on how we will consult all residents