Digital connectivity in your business space

There are a number of resources to help you access better digital connectivity in your business space

Mayor’s Connectivity Rating Scheme

Since 2015, the Greater London Authority has run the Mayor’s Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme, delivered by Wired Score.

With the critical role of technology to commercial growth, businesses need clear information and intelligence when seeking new premises. The opt-in scheme rates the quality of digital connectivity in office spaces in London, and helps businesses find the information they need in advance of signing leases.

The project is also valuable for developers and landlords looking to market their properties. As the connectivity of buildings is now a major asset, the project enables them to better communicate their investment in digital infrastructure.

West End Partnership Digital Voucher Scheme

£2.8m of European funding is available to support businesses in parts of Camden and Westminster to upgrade their broadband connections to ultra-fast speeds. Vouchers of up to £2000 are on offer to SMEs based within the West End Partnership area, including parts of Camden’s Fitzrovia and Midtown areas.

Read more about the West End Partnership Digital Voucher Scheme.

Standardised wayleave agreement

The tools below (developed in partnership with the City of London Corporation) will allow landlords and broadband providers to more quickly agree the details of access, installation and maintenance for network equipment in new and existing buildings. Using them should help you to get connected to better services more quickly:

Wayleaves are legal agreements that grant special access to land or buildings to install or manage infrastructure. For example, this could include running a new fibre optic cable through a building. Agreements are required with land and building owners as well as affected tenants. In central London, this can often mean complicated negotiations with multiple parties, leading to frustrating delays. This new tool hopes to simplify the process.