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Deposited archives

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Deposited archives


Many archives of other bodies, organisations and individuals have been deposited in the Centre.

Some recent records may not be available for at least 30 years, others of a more confidential or personal nature may have further restrictions.

Some records are held in an outside store. These are indicated by the letter (J).

Please telephone 020 7974 6342

Government and public authorities

Local records of central government

Land Tax Commissioners
Land Tax 1902/03. Metropolitan Borough of Holborn.

Inland Revenue
Duties on land values [Domesday Survey] 1909. Volumes covering the present London Borough of Camden (J).

Other public authorities

Hampstead Council of Social Services [formerly Hampstead Council for Social Welfare]
Annual reports 1911-1962, 1965-1975.
Minutes 1952-1954.
Old Peoples Welfare Committee minutes 1946-1954.
Henderson House accounts and correspondence 1943-1954, 1960-1961.

Holborn Union
Accounts 1886-1901, 1911-1914.
Annual report 1914.
[Archives of the Holborn Union held at London Metropolitan Archives

St Giles in the Fields and St George's Bloomsbury Guardians of the poor
Lists of the members 1901-1913.
Abstracts of accounts 1900/01-1912/13.
[Archives of the St Giles in the Fields and St George's Bloomsbury Guardians of the Poor, which amalgamated with the Holborn Union in 1914, held at London Metropolitan Archives

St Pancras Council of Social Service [Formerly public welfare association for Southern St Pancras]
Minutes 1909-1934 (J).

St Pancras Guardians of the poor 
Official manual 1929/1930.
[Archives of the St Pancras Guardians of the Poor held at London Metropolitan Archives]

Places of worship and cemeteries

Church of England parishes

St Bartholomew Grays Inn Road
Papers regarding the amalgamation of parish with St George the Martyr Queen Square in 1959.

Christ Church Woburn Square
Minutes 1830-1848.
Accounts 1830-1845.

Non-Anglican places of worship

Lyndhurst Road Congregational Church, Hampstead
Register of marriages October 1939 - November 1976 (J).
Yearbooks 1883-1918, 1922-1931, 1934/35, 1936, 1961, 1966 (J).
Newsletters 1890-1947 (gaps) (J).
Other records include histories, lists of ministers, etc. (J).

Regent's Square Church, Bloomsbury, St Pancras
Presbyterian church.
Young Men's Society minute book 1876-1881 (J).

Trinity Presbyterian Church, High Street, Hampstead
Register of marriages March 1913 - April 1919, June 1947 - September 1970 (J).

Whitefield Memorial Church
[Formerly Whitefield's Tabernacle] Tottenham Court Road, St Pancras
Congregational church.
Register of marriages February 1973 - December 1977 (J).
Fellowship of Youth records 1929-1938 (J).


London Cemetery Company, [Later United Cemetery Company]
Highgate Cemetery registers 1839-1984. 
Other Highgate Cemetery records 1839-1975

Orphanages, refuges and penitentiaries

Hampstead Mother and Baby Home, 17 Daleham Gardens, Hampstead
Minutes and papers 1903-1970 (J). 
Records of individual mothers, babies and adoptions January 1953 - June 1969. Closed until 75 years old.

Schools and colleges

Hampstead and North St Pancras Day Nursery, 27-29 Pond Street, Hampstead
Visitors book 1928.

Kingsgate School, Kingsgate Road, Kilburn, Hampstead
General evening institute correspondence book 1935-1939.
Honours book 1931/32-1939/40.
Roll of service 1914-1918.

Middlesex Street Presbyterian School, Somers Town, St Pancras
Log book 1864-1874.

Netherwood Street School, Kilburn, Hampstead
Evening classes log books 1885-1933.

New College, Finchley Road, Hampstead
Congregational Theological College.
Annual reports and papers 1850s-1920s (J).

Associations, clubs and societies

Arkwright Arts Trust, Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, Hampstead
Minutes 1971-1975 (J).

Association for promoting the repeal of taxes on knowledge, 10 Ampton Place, St Pancras
Opposed stamp duty on publications.
Papers 1830s-1850s (J).

Bloomsbury Association
Minutes, correspondence and publicity 1973-1993 (J).
Papers of George Wagner c.1973-1990s (J). 

Bloomsbury Coffee Pot
One of a group of social clubs for people aged 21-35. Met at White Hart Public House, 128 Theobalds Road, Holborn.
Minutes, accounts and papers 1974-1980 (J).

Broad Street (Richmond Line) Committee
The North London Line.
Papers 1970s-1980s (J).

Camden Civic Society
Files and papers 1960s-1970s (J).

Camden Labour Party 
Files and papers 1969-1982 (J).

Camden Square Gardens Trustees, St Pancras
Minutes and other records 1865-1940 (J).

Chalcot Discussion Society, Hampstead
Women's discussion society.
Minutes, papers 1899-1950s (J).

Eleanor Palmer Charity, St Pancras
Trustees' minutes 1927-1970 (J).

Fitzjohns Area Residents Association, Hampstead
Papers 1969-1974 (J).

Gayton Road Residents Association, Hampstead
Minutes, newsletters and papers 1971-1990 (J). 

Hampstead Antiquarian and Historical Society
Minutes, annual reports, cashbooks and papers 1897-1940.

Hampstead Assembly Rooms, Romney's House, Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead
Minutes 1806-1844. 
Papers and deeds 1800s.

Hampstead Choral Society
Programmes and papers 1949-1981 (J).

Hampstead Consumer Group
Papers 1960s (J).

Hampstead Conversazione Society
Met at Hampstead Assembly Rooms, Romney's House, Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead.
Minutes 1846-1850.

Hampstead Dinner Club
Met at Hampstead Assembly Rooms, Romney's House, Holly Bush Hill, Hampstead.
Minutes 1784-1859.

Hampstead District Nursing Association
Minutes 1929-1953.

Hampstead Divisional Liberal Association
Minutes 1938-1957.

Hampstead Ethical Institute, Hampstead Conservatoire, 64 Eton Avenue, Hampstead
record of lectures 1900-1922.

Hampstead High Street and Rosslyn Hill Improvement Association
Papers 1960s.

Hampstead Local History Society
Local history and members indexes 1920s-1930s.

Hampstead Motorway Action Group
Papers 1965-1978 (j).

Hampstead Municipal Electors Association
Minutes 1936-1945.

Hampstead Municipal Officers Guild
Minutes 1910-1932 (j).
Committee attendance book 1919-1933 (j).

Hampstead Non-political and Progressive Association
Cuttings books 1900-1919.

Hampstead Parliament Debating Society
Debates, reports, correspondence and papers 1883-1939 (j).

Hampstead Public Library, Stansfield House, Hampstead High street, Hampstead
Subscription library.
Minutes and other records 1833-1966.

Hampstead Rotary Club
Visitors book 1932-1948.

Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust
Accounts 1859-1882 (j).

Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust
Letter books 1937-1966 (gaps) (j).
The archives of the trust from 17th century have been deposited and will be available after listing.

Heath and Old Hampstead Society, (formerly Hampstead Heath Protection Society)
Minutes and papers 1897-1980s (j).

Highgate Harriers
Athletics club.
Minutes, photographs, medals and other records 1890s-1980s (j).

Holborn and St Pancras Labour Party
General management committee minutes 1948-1980 (j).
Executive committee minutes 1948-1973 (j).
Other records 1961-1976 (j).

Holborn Housing Association
Association owned Bevan house, 36-39 Boswell Street, Holborn.
Minute book 1938-1960 (j).
Correspondence up to 1962 (j).

Holborn Society
Minutes and papers 1954-1966.

Kentish Town Mutual Improvement Society,  St  Pancras
Educational improvement society.
Papers c.1865-1897 (j).

Kentish Town Parish Institute, St Pancras
Minutes 1902-1909.

Lincolns Inn Fields Trustees, Holborn
Ledgers, letterbooks and cashbooks 1735-1799.

London Municipalities Football Club
Management committee minutes 1900-1913.

Platts Gift and Charles Gift Charities
Trustees minutes and papers 1902-1970 (j).

Red Lion Square Trustees, Holborn
Minutes and accounts 1846-1880.

St Pancras Ball Committee
Minutes 1899-1912.

St Pancras Housing Association
Founded in 1924 by Father Basil Jellicoe to fight slum conditions in Somers Town. The Association expanded its work into other areas of London and Hertfordshire and is now known as the St Pancras and Humanist Housing Association.

Minutes, reports, news cuttings, pamphlets, etc and over 4400 photographs, many showing scenes of life in the slums in the 1920s and 1930s.

Records of its pioneering community activities including establishing clubs for children and parents, nursery schools, loan club, shop for low cost furniture and furnishings, community centres, two improved public houses it ran and country holidays provided for deprived children.

The archive is not yet catalogued and advance notice is required to access material.

St Pancras School for Mothers
Executive committee minutes 1917-1925, 1936-1960.
Scrap book 1907-1916.

Social Welfare Association for London
Minute book 1911-1915.

Society for the Preservation of Oakley Square, St Pancras
Papers 1960s.

Stocks Charity, Hampstead
Minutes 1780-1947 (j).

Torrington Square Trustees, Bloomsbury, Holborn
Papers 1820s-1918.

United Law Debating Society
Minutes, correspondence, and papers 1881-1964 (j).
It also includes records of its predecessors, the Law Students Debating Society founded 1836 and United Law Society founded 1864. 

Theatres and cinemas

Hampstead Children's Cinema Council
Minutes and papers 1954-1957 (J).

Unity Theatre, Goldington Street, St Pancras 
Playbills, programmes, cuttings, newsletters and scripts c.1944-1947 (J).

Unity Theatre School, Goldington Street, St Pancras
Minutes 1946-1947 (J)


Davis And Sons, 209 Tottenham Court Road, Holborn
Furniture Manufacturers From C.1875.
Accounts And Order Books 1900s-1930s (J).

Evans, Lewis, 2 Osnaburgh Street, St Pancras 
Prescription Books 1895-1912, 1922-1943 (J).

Hampstead Savings Bank, High Street, Hampstead
Rules And Regulations 1863.

Hilger, Adam, Kings Road Works, Camden Town, St Pancras
Manufacturers Of Laboratory And Technical Equipment.
Accounts, Order Books And Other Records 1900s-1920s (J).

Leverton And Sons, 212 Eversholt Street, St Pancras
Funeral Directors.
Records Of Businesses Taken Over:

  • Renfree (Formerly Nodes). Daybooks And Other Records 1871-1905 (J).
  • Tarbucks (Formerly Dickens) Daybooks And Other Records 1855-1864, 1868-1912 (J).
  • Other Unidentified Records 1896-1905, 1955 (J).

Potters, 47 Heath Street, Hampstead
Estate Agent.
Cash Books 1917-1932, 1974-1975 (J).
Rentals 1967-1973 (J).
Insurance Records 1957-1970 (J).

Sexton, Sons And Ashby, Bank Chambers, 42 Kilburn High Road, Hampstead
Day Books And Various Plans 1900-1967 (J).

Stamp, E.B., 29 Hampstead High Street, Hampstead
Prescription Book 1929-1930.

Wilson, Edwin, 51-102 Chenies Mews, Holborn
Removals Contractor And Repository.
Letterbooks, Accounts And Other Records C.1898-1912

Family and personal papers, records of private estates, and manorial records

Barratt, Thomas J., Bellmoor, Hampstead
Papers Relating To Him And His House 1890s-1910s (J).

Fortune Green And West End Green
Papers Concerning Court Cases Over The Ownership Of The Greens 1870s-1890s (J).

Hankins, Allan
Papers Principally Relating To His Involvement In St Pancras Cricket Club 1880s-1910.

Hawley Estate, Camden Town, St Pancras
Papers And Deeds C.1830s-1840 (J). Mainly Concerns Acquisition For Railway Use By East And West India Docks Railway (Later Called North London Railway).

Hoare, John Gurney
Transcripts Of Court Cases And Other Papers Concerning Dispute With Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson About The Ownership Of Hampstead Heath And Other Documents 1560-1869, Compiled 1866-1869.
(Extracts From The Hampstead Manor Court Rolls 1607-1843 Are Also Available).

Lipscombe, James, 38 Regent's Park Road, St Pancras; 12 Harley Road, Hampstead
Accounts, Deeds And Other Items 1890s-1930s (J).

Morley, Henry (1822-1894), 8 Upper Park Road, Hampstead
Letters And Records Relating To The Acquisition Of His Books By Hampstead Public Libraries 1895-1897.

Pratt, Charles (Earl Camden)
Terrier Book For His Camden Town Estate, St Pancras 1807-C.1919.

Stevenson, John
Heathkeeper On Hampstead Heath.
Diary 1834-1840.

Swinton Estate, King's Cross, St Pancras
Papers And Deeds C.1815-C.1847.

Vincent, Robert
Book Of Plans Of The Property Of Robert Vincent In Hampstead By Isaac Messeder 1773.

Manorial records

Hampstead Manor
Copy Of Minute Books 1742-1843.
(Extracts From The Hampstead Manor Court Rolls 1607-1843 And Hampstead Manor Map 1762 Are Also Available).

Court Rolls of the Manor of Hampstead
The Rolls of the Courts Baron in the Manor of Hampstead (1572-1674) have been translated from the Latin and are available for download from the Camden History Society

Archives Of Hampstead Manor held at London Metropolitan Archives

St Andrew Holborn And St George The Martyr Queen Square
Court Leet Minutes 1817-1841.
Court Leet Accounts 1813-1836.

Literary manuscripts

Connell, John
Chairman of St Pancras Education and Public libraries Committee.
Manuscript of biography of W.E. Henley, winner of 1949 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for the best biography.

Denyer, C.H.
Typescript of 'St Pancras through the centuries' edited by C.H. Denyer, with papers and photographs of St Pancras pageant 1931.

Gee, Christina and Holder, Marjorie
Typescript and papers for the 'Diary of a London Schoolboy 1826-1830' written by John Thomas Pocock, published 1980.

Parton, John
'Some account of the hospital and parish of St Giles in the fields' 1815. Original manuscript. His book of the same title was published in 1822.

Thompson, F.M.L
Typescript of 'Hampstead: The building of a borough', published 1974.

Wiswould, Samuel
'Some account of Kentish Town' 1821. Manuscript copy.

Autographed material

Baillie, Joanna, near Red Lion Hill, Hampstead (c.1799-c.1820); Bolton House, Windmill Hill, Hampstead (c.1820-1851)
Collection of letters written by her 1810s-1840s.

Barclay, Edgar, Wycombe Studios, King Henry's Road, Hampstead; Elm Row, Hampstead (1869-1912)
Local artist. Member of Hampstead Heath Protection Society.
Collection of letters written by him from Algiers, Tlemcen and Kabylia 1872-1880.
Portfolio of drawings.

Carpenter, Edward, Vernon House, 13 Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead
Collection of his correspondence and pamphlets 1890s-1910s.

Maxwell, Anna E.
Novelist and local historian.
Collection of papers about her 1833-1899.

Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley
Wife of 3rd Earl of Bute, owner of Kenwood House until 1755.
Collection of letters written by her on her travels abroad in Europe, Asia and Africa 1710s-1720s.

Paterson, Arthur, 4 Pilgrim's Lane, Hampstead; 16 Dennington Road, Hampstead; 8 Thurlow Road, Hampstead.
Collection of letters written by him 1894-1920 and information on the Realist Publishing Co. (J).

Other documents and manuscripts

Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane, St Pancras
Catalogue of the Library at Kenwood House 1802, checked by the Library 1829.

St Pancras (Old) Church
Reference to burial ground plan of St Pancras (Old) Church C.1860s.

Seven Dials, Holborn
Plan of the proposed development of Seven Dials, St Giles In The Fields 1693.

Stukeley, William
Plan and details of the estate Of Revd Dr William Stukeley, including land and property in Kentish Town, St Pancras 1764.