In line with government guidelines, our markets and street trading sites remain open to help you buy essential supplies: 

  • Grocery and food
  • Home and hardware goods
  • News and confectionery kiosks
  • Pet stalls
  • Hot food takeaway and deliveries

Currently we have traders operating in:

  • Queen’s Crescent - Thursday and Saturday (household goods, bread and hot food takeaway)
  • Eton Avenue - Wednesday (farmers' market fresh produce and hot food take away)
  • Chalton Street - Friday (household goods)
  • West Hampstead Overground - Saturday (London Farmers' Market, fresh produce)
  • Twyford Place - Monday to Friday (fruit and vegetables)
  • Hampstead Station - Monday to Friday (fruit and vegetables)

When you are visiting our markets and street trading sites, please follow social distancing guidelines by keeping 2 metres distance from people, complete your purchase promptly, and return home as soon as possible. 

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