Building works during COVID-19

Our top priority is keeping residents and staff safe. As a small number of construction sites re-open in Camden, we are working to ensure building works are safe. 

The Government has advised that the construction industry can work during COVID-19. Some contractors have decided to continue building works, which include some of our Community Investment Programme (CIP) sites.

We will work closely with contractors and support them to ensure the safety of their staff and the community.

What we are doing to minimise risk

The following measures will be put in place to manage risks associated with COVID-19:

  • Working with contractors to ensure work practices have been revised to include the Government’s social distancing guidelines. This includes reducing the number of staff and deliveries on site
  • Ensuring safety measures such as hand sanitiser and health guidance signs are installed across all building sites
  • Regularly checking that contractors follow guidelines and reviewing their progress

Please note that these measures are subject to change if new government guidance is issued. 


Planning applications

We are following Government advice and are continuing to provide the best planning service we can during the COVID-19 crisis.  We recognise that by keeping the planning system functioning we can play an important role in supporting the local economy. 

Planning applications

By working remotely we are able to process and consult on existing and new planning applications. We can also issue decisions using our existing delegated powers.

Planning committee will also be held remotely. Find more information about remote meetings in Camden

Pre application

We are continuing to provide our full pre-application service. We are also running Developer Briefing, Strategic Panel and Design Review Panel meetings remotely. Engagement on proposals at the pre-application stage should have the same reach, debate and interaction as our Development Management Forums.

Find out about and comment on a planning application

Email alerts are the quickest way to find out about new planning applications in your area.

Sign up to receive email alerts:


You will receive an email as soon as planning applications in your area are registered. If you need assistance please contact: Dawn Allott by email at

Planning application search

How to comment on an application

Temporarily operating as a takeaway and planning permission

The government has advised that all pubs, restaurants and cafes should no longer be open for on-site consumption. However, under new planning legislation they can provide takeaway food. Find out more about operating as a takeaway.

Construction management

We have produced interim guidance for developers and residents on Construction Management Plans (CMPs) during the Covid-19 situation. Find out more about CMPs.

Planning and licensing 

This guidance note seeks to assist businesses re-opening following the lockdown period. We recognise that you may need to operate differently to meet the Government guidelines to be COVID secure. This may include a change in the nature of your use or physical changes to your building. Find out more about our guidance.