COVID-19 continues to impact us all.

Measures taken in response to the pandemic are adapting over time and can be quite confusing. So, we want to make sure that everyone understands how to keep safe.

We also want to make sure that everyone has a reliable source to turn to for help and support during these challenging times. This could be you.

Above all else, we want to empower communities to make informed choices about how to reduce the risks of COVID-19 and keep safe.

This is why we have created the COVID-19 Heath Champions programme in Camden and Islington.

Who can become a COVID-19 Health Champion?

Anyone who lives, works or volunteers in Camden or Islington can become a COVID-19 Health Champion.

What is a COVID-19 Health Champion?

COVID-19 Health Champions help to share health messages and guidance with their friends, family and communities. They also keep an eye out for people who might need help or support.

As a COVID-19 Health Champion, you will be given the latest and most up-to-date information to share. For example, about NHS Test and Trace and social distancing.

We also offer free and accredited training called ‘Good Conversations in challenging times’. The training is delivered virtually over zoom and takes 2 hours to complete.

The training will help you to know how to proactively share COVID-19 information and support others to understand how to keep safe. You will also learn how to recognise when someone may need health and wellbeing support, and how to put them in touch with services that can help them.

You will be supported to carry out your role with weekly online drop-in sessions and you will be sent a weekly e-newsletter.

You can choose how little or how much you want to be involved.

Become a COVID-19 Health Champion

  • Complete a registration form 
  • Book your free ‘Good Conversations in challenging times’ training 
  • We will run weekly virtual drop-in sessions
  • We will also send weekly updates to keep you up to date on the latest information about COVID-19.
  • We ask that you share the trusted information with anyone in your community, however you want and let us know what is and isn't working.