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Apply for empty property Council Tax discount or exemption

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Apply for empty property Council Tax discount or exemption

If you own a property that is empty or partially empty, you may be able to get a discount on your Council Tax.

There are different types of empty property discounts, depending on your situation.

Who can apply

Major repairs or structural alterations

A 25% discount can be applied for 12 months while the property is empty, if:

  • the property is undergoing major repair work or structural alterations
  • the property has had major repair work or structural alterations completed within the last six months

Properties which become vacant

You do not have to pay Council Tax for one month when your property becomes unoccupied. This will be from the date that the furniture is removed.

If someone dies

If someone dies, their home is exempt from Council Tax while it remains no one's main home. Where someone dies leaving just one other person living in the property, the other resident can apply for a discount.

Repossessed properties

If your property has been repossessed it is exempt from Council Tax, provided no one lives in it until it is sold. Please provide us with details of your repossession along with confirmation from your mortgage lender.

If you are a mortgage lender, please let us know immediately if you take possession of a property, or sell one that you have repossessed.

Information can be sent by email to

Owners of the following types of empty property

If you are the owner of any of the below properties while they are empty, contact the Council Tax service.

  • domestic properties owned by the Ministry of Defence
  • properties owned by a charity and used for charitable purposes
  • the former home of someone who is bankrupt
  • properties where occupation is prohibited by law

Who cannot apply

You cannot get a Council Tax discount for:

  • furnished second homes
  • long-term vacant properties

Properties that remain vacant for over 2 years must pay additional Council Tax. Find out more about penalties for empty homes.

How to apply

Fill in our online form to apply for an empty property Council Tax discount.

You will need

We may need to come to your property to check it is empty. We will need your telephone number or email address to arrange a visit.

Apply for a Council Tax discount