WISH+ referral hub (Camden Council)

(Also known as WISH Plus or Warmth Income Safety Health Referral Scheme Plus)

020 7974 3012
London Borough of Camden 3rd Floor, 5 Pancras Square
c/o Town Hall, Judd Street
The WISH+ referral hub is a way for Camden residents to get access to a range of Warmth, Income, Safety and Health services. You don’t need to know all the services available through WISH+ to refer, just that the individual you are referring might need some support to improve their health and wellbeing. WISH+ does not provide any services itself, but puts people in touch with the services they need after discussing these with them first. Some services do have eligibility criteria so are not available to all. You do need the consent of the resident to make a referral to WISH+ so that we can call them to discuss their needs. You can refer by filling in our online form, you don’t need any logon details so anyone can refer in: www.camden.gov.uk/wishform.