Parent and Carer Counselling Service (PCCS) (Camden Council)

020 7974 6500
Educational Psychology Service London Borough of Camden
5 Pancras Square
c/o Town Hall, Judd Street
PCCS is a free counselling service available to parents and carers who have a child in a Camden maintained school or children's centre.  Mothers, fathers, foster carers and other carers of children in Camden schools use the service.
We provide twelve sessions of 1-1 counselling, which take place weekly in school hours during term time. Counselling sessions last fifty minutes. What’s said in sessions is confidential unless a child or another person is at risk of harm. Counselling sessions provide an opportunity for parents to talk about problems, decisions, worries or changes in any area of their life. Problems do not have to be related to parenting. Parents and carers who have used the service say that counselling has helped them untangle their thoughts and feelings, draw on their strengths and develop new perspectives. They have felt more able to cope and face the future as a result.
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Counselling takes place in a private room within the school or children's centre.
When is it on
Counselling sessions take place weekly during school hours, term time only.
Opening times (phone)
Enquiries Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.