Helping to minimise the impact of construction

Sometimes we require developers and contractors to prepare a Construction Management Plan (CMP) to help minimise the impact of construction. 

Steps to submitting a CMP:

You must account for timescales of CMPs in construction programmes and contracts.

  1. consult with the local community around a site before submitting a draft CMP (takes at least 2 weeks): community liaison guidance (PDF)
  2. read the Camden Minimum Requirements (PDF)
  3. read the Guide for Contractors Working in Camden
  4. prepare your CMP: Construction Management Plan (CMP) pro-forma (Word)
  5. submit CMP to: (can take 3 months or more to approve, depending on the nature of proposal and the amount of revision required)

Charging rates

As part of Section 106 agreement, we apply a formal charge to support the implementation of Construction and Demolition Management Plans: