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Community conversations

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Community conversations

Working in partnership with the Police and other organisations, we are carrying out a number of Community Conversations in Camden. These events give the community an opportunity to speak with us and our partners about the issues that most concern them.

So far we have had Community Conversations at the 11 places below, and each event produces an action plan. These are developed to inform the community what the Partnership is doing to address the concerns raised at these events. You can see each action plan done so far below:

We are looking at each issue of concern raised by the community and trying to understand them from the community’s perspective so that we can seek to address them in a way that will meet your needs.  We will also work together with colleagues and partners to find ways of improving the environment, for example, pruning trees and bushes that can sometimes allow the opportunity for antisocial behaviour (ASB) to take place. In some cases we will seek support from the community by asking you to report these issues when they occur.  This will enable us to deal with the concerns quickly.

Some of the problems require longer-term solutions and we will continue to work with our partners and community members to look at ways of dealing with these. Please let us know if you have any ideas for solutions.  

Where there have been reports about individual cases of ASB or crime, the appropriate agency will investigate and work with and support the people involved and the community. They will make referrals to specialist agencies and explore the use of legal interventions where necessary.  

The action plan is a “live” and “working” document, which means that it will change and develop over time as circumstances change and new ideas are agreed.  Please let us know the impact of the actions that have happened since the Community Conversation and if we need to do things differently.  The community’s feedback is very important to us as we need to know what is working well and what needs to change to address current concerns or any other future concerns that may arise.  We will organise a follow up Community Conversation to assist with this process.