Community premises

Camden Council has around 100 buildings let to Charities and community organisations. Around 25 of these are community centres which provide a safe, friendly environment where local people can meet and organise social events and community activities. 

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Community spaces - rents and leases

Camden Council is introducing a fair system for charities who rent council buildings and has consulted the tenant voluntary and community organisations on this proposal in the summer of 2021. This will mean an end to charities having to use commercial leases, and provide clear process on how to get a discount on rent. 

For more information on the Rents and Leases programme please contact Sam Rowe (Senior Community Partner - Assets and Projects)

You can request the Frequently Asked Questions about the work 

Managing community buildings

When running community buildings tenant charities need to make sure the facilities are well maintained and safe. An introductory guide of what this entails is available with information that covers many tenants legal responsibilities of managing a building. This includes what you need to know about asbestos, legionella, gas, water, electrical, fire and other forms of safety.   

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Always check your lease so you know your responsibility and ensure you stay up to date with changes to regulations.