How to apply

To become a registered chaperone to children in entertainment you will need to:

complete a chaperone licence application form (PDF)

The chaperone training is mandatory for all London Borough of Camden chaperones regardless of any safeguarding training already completed. This is in order to provide consistency and also because the chaperone training is specific to the entertainment industry.

Email your application and scanned documents to

Or post to the Education Welfare Service

If you need any help and advice about your application or licence, email

What is a Chaperone Licence?

It's a licence to become a registered chaperone to children in entertainment.

All children taking part in a licensed performance must be supervised by a registered chaperone or their parent/guardian.

A chaperone can look after up to 12 children at one time and should give the same care a parent would give.

They are responsible for:

  • ensuring the child has enough breaks and meals
  • taking action if the child is ill, upset or tired
  • considering health and safety issues
  • safeguarding issues
  • adhering to legislation relating to child performance
  • assisting costume changes, dressing and fitting microphones
  • escorting children at all times, including to the toilet.

You must allow at least 8 weeks for the application process to complete.