Changes happening to you and the people you live with

Once you start receiving housing benefit or a reduction in council tax via Council Tax Support, please tell us about any changes to your situation or the situation of anyone who lives under your roof. From an adult child moving out to finding a new job, small changes can affect the amount of benefit or council tax reduction that you’re entitled to so please make sure you tell us by completing the ‘change in circumstances’ form online.

We’ll need evidence too, so please try to take a photo (a photo taken on a smartphone is fine) or scan of any documents that will support your claim – like a letter from a new employer or a payslip.

Tips to make sure we can deal with your claim as quickly as possible:

  • make sure the information you send is easy to read – information that can’t be read clearly will cause delays
  • provide all the evidence within one month of submitting the form – evidence received after this could cause delays and/or prevent your application being processed meaning we may decide you’re not entitled to the benefit or reduction. Consider setting a reminder on your phone or sticking a note on the fridge so you don’t forget.
  • if you or your partner are a student, self-employed, a company director, own a property and claiming Housing Benefit, have childcare costs, and/or you’ve asked us to pay your landlord directly, you’ll also need to complete the relevant forms below:

Change in circumstance form

While completing your application, you can save the form and continue it later. Just make a note of the reference number and password when you click save. If you have provided an email address, these details will also be emailed to you.

Please try to tell us about a change in your circumstances as quickly as you can because a delay in telling us can lead to loss of benefits. It’s also important to share accurate and up to date information. Knowingly giving false information, or by failing to tell us about a change in circumstances, can lead to prosecution.

You can manage and view your benefits using your Camden Account